Wooden Stakes

Wooden stakes come in many different sizes to assist with plant growth, outlining various areas or temp fences. Stakes are always a popular item to have around the house or the work place as they are quick to set up and can be used in anyway possible. Made from hardwood Wooden Stakes can withstand the climate outdoors but are not treated so they are safe to cut or have plants (such as tomates) grow next to them.

Quick Facts:

What is Wooden Stakes made from:
  • Loam soil
  • Fine Washed River Sand
  • Bark fines
  • Chicken Manure
What colour are Wooden Stakes:

Dark brown

How do we sell Wooden Stakes:

You can buy Wooden Stakes in packs of 6 in the following sizes:

  • 4″ 25x25mm
  • 5″ 48x48mm
  • 6″ 25x25mm
  • 6″ 38x38mm

We also sell Wooden Stakes as single units

Height (inches)Width x LengthSold in single units
4″25mm x 25mm
5″48mm x 48mmyes
6″25mm x 25mmyes
6″38mm x 38mmyes

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