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Down to Earth Sand and Soil delivers to anywhere in NSW 6 days a week. We have 7 trucks in our fleet which can hold up to 13.5 tonnes in one load. Our truck sizes vary so we can send out a smaller truck if space is tight or large trucks if you need more product. Our trucks are well serviced and safe on the roads and have the ability to carry multiple different products at the same time. We do have a 1 tonne* minimum on deliveries otherwise a surge charge may apply. Anything you can buy from Down to Earth Sand and Soil can be delivered straight to your door.

WE DO SAME DAY DELIVERY depending on what is scheduled already for that day, we can usually delivery after midday if the order is taken in the morning.

We deliver at all times of the day and even take requests on what time you need the product delivered, depending on when the order is placed, the staff can give you that time. If your requested time is taken we will suggest a new time and if space opens up then we will deliver it to you ASAP.

*1 tonne of one product, not the total weight.

Unit 4: up to 4 tonnes
Unit 5: up to 4 tonnes
Unit 8: up to 5.3 tonnes
Unit 9: up to 6.1 tonnes
Unit 11: up to 7.1 tonnes
Unit 10: up to 8 tonnes
Unit 2: up to 13 tonnes



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