Down to Earth – Spring Tips 2019

Here are our top 5 tips for spring!!

  1. Clean out the garden:
    • They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing. Its time to get those hands dirty and prepare for a fruitful spring. Clean out weeds roots and all (this is very important), sharpen your gardening tools, service your lawn mowers and stock up on needed supplies!!
  2.  Revitalise the soil
    •  Out with the old in with the new.. no you don’t need to be that dramatic with you gardens. Our soils just need a little Spring itself. Adding fertilisers such as cow manure or chicken to garden beds, top dressing our lawns or top up our garden soils that has been washed away with the rain
  3. Trim old plants
    • There is so much more to trimming plants than lopping off random ranches. Planning is key and knowing what plant to trim when. The key things to remember are:
      • Choosing the right time to trim
      • Wearing the right clothes and safety equipment
      • Choosing the right tools
      • When cutting try not to tear or break the branch, clean cuts are the best, to reduce disease and rotting
      • The reasons to prune plants can vary from creating shape to managing size and if you are unsure its always best to get some advice or look up some information.
  4.  Mulch! Mulch!! Mulch!!!
    • Spring is the perfect time to refresh areas of our household, from cleaning out unwanted clutter in our homes or preparing our gardens for the sunny months ahead.
    • Refreshing our mulches is a very important task to add to our to-do lists, it helps to keep that “moisture blanket” from our winter mulching working to its full potential throughout the following months.
    • Mulches provide an amazing covering to prevent the growth of weeds, keeping all the water in the soil for longer and helps stop soil erosion. The best thing about mulches is that there are plenty to choose from that can match just about any garden big or small.
  5. Plant new flowers and scrubs
    • Now comes our favour step of spring. Over the last few weeks we have finished the ground work for our gardens cleaning them up and making room for NEW and exciting plants. Spring is the season for life and a wonderful time to plant new flowers and scrubs. Some of our favourites are:
      • Daffodils
      • Hyacinths
      • Tulip
    • These flowers produce strong colours and completely light up our gardens which is what we want to see when we are out in the yard, the best thing is they are easy to grow.



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