Down to Earth – Your Garden and the Environment

Being a landscaping supplies yard we take pride in everyone’s garden and by extension the local and global environment. Because of is we want to help in any way to grow your plants and improve the environment at the same time, these are a few things we are trying to do to live up to a better world:

  1. Our soils are organic
    •  we make sure that our products are perfect for the environment and will give it a boost rather than tear it down. That’s why our soils are 100% organic, we don’t mix in chemicals to help your garden grown instead our premium products contain manures and other fertilisers such as washed ash to give it that extra something.When planting or creating a vegetable garden you know that natural is always best. We take this very seriously and try to prove you with the best products that with fit your garden and also improve the great environment. We would love to see more greenery in this world and we would be very happy to help achieve this. Here are a few things to remember when gardening in Australia:
      • If you are planting native plants they would need special soil with high drainage and a balanced pH level, we know this and have created the perfect organic blend called Native mix (easy right?)
      • Water restrictions can always be a drain on your plants health that’s why its great to have a layer of mulch  (nature’s blanket) to hold water for longer in the soil. Mulches can literally save you time and money while keeping our gardens greener than ever.
      • Always try to promote bee culture in our environment, bee’s are natures hardest workers when it comes to spreading vegetation and flowering so it is always a good idea to keep their population high and give them a great space to work in, without them it would be a very different world.
      • Get a compost bin to not only recycle your scraps but provide a cheap way to feed your garden. Kids love to see the worms and it’s a great way to get them into the garden and teach them about sustainable gardening, after all they are the future both ours and the worlds.
  2. Become a hotel owner overnight: Australian Native Bee Hotels
    • Down to Earth love bees because without bees our whole ecosystem would be flipped on its head. They help plants grow and spread pollen across the lands, and here in Australia we actually have our own native types. Most of these native bees don’t live in hives but rather tunnel into the ground, create nest holes from old trees and decaying wood or use holes that were created by other insects. If you are looking for a great way to help the environment, promote bee culture and feel GOOD in the process, installing a Native Bee Hotel is the way to go. This hotel won’t put you out thousands of dollars to build or manage and the tenants my not pay with money BUT they will 100% improve your garden’s life and ecosystem. all you need to do is buy a specially made bee house and place it somewhere in your garden and voila you can sit back and watch the little rooms fill up with your new friends!
    • It is a great opportunity to teach your neighbors and children about the importance of healthy ecosystems and how everyone can work together for a better future!
    • Compost bins and the environment
      • Compost bins are a great way for us to save the environment, stop filling up landfills  and actually can save a bit of money when feeding your garden. It is really simple to set up and manage and it’s a great learning experience for the kids. To get started all you need to do is follow these 4 steps:
        • Get a bin/container – You can either build your own or buy one from a hardware store for a relatively cheap price. The things you should look out for is a bin with gooid drainage to avoid the compost getting waterlogged, a decent lid to keep any smells inside and depending on how much usable waste you can produce will determine the size of the bin needed. If you don’t want to buy or build you can always find an out for way spot tojust stock pile the material
        • Get Ingredients – There are two main categories of materials that can be composted, green materials and brown materials. Green materials include; fresh grass cuttings, fresh weeds tea bags, coffee grounds and vege/fruit scraps. Brown materials include; Straw, Dry leaves and grass cuttings, shredded paper and woodchips.
        • Mixing time – Starting with a good base of brown materials will help the green materials break down a lot faster. After your brown base layer with green materials and alternate until you have none left. It’s important to remember the smaller the waste materials the faster they break down and always cover your green materials with a brown layer to avoid any unwanted smells. To speed up the break down process aerate the mixture from time to time and mix the content up.
        • Bask in your produce! – there is just something special about spreading your own wonderful compost onto the soil of you garden and seeing the process through end to end. Using natural products is usually better for your garden and the environment and if its as easy as this then there isn’t an excuse not to!
  3. We believe in recycling products
    • Doing our part for the environment we also invest in getting and providing for our customers recycled products. Research also shows that the process of creating recycled products produces far less emission of principal gases responsible for the greenhouse effect and helps in the reduction of fossil energy as it takes less to create over their natural counterpart.
    • An example of this is our Recycled Concrete range, as the name suggests they are made up of such things like recycled concrete, roofing tiles and old bricks. Not only is it an acceptable substitute for the naturally occurring equivalent, it takes the mentioned products out of landfills and waste areas and great news for our customers they are actually sold cheaper.
    • So if you are building or landscaping and you are looking to help the environment its always better to use recycled products.
  4. Community gardens
    • Community gardens are a great way to learn, teach and socialise with other fellow green thumbs or first time gardeners. They provide a safe space for everyone to come in and garden at their leisure, from an individuals point of view it can be a relaxing environment. Community gardens help the environment and the community grow into a better place, turning vacant blocks into lush jungles with plenty of organically grown food.
    • Our closest community gardens are:
      • Blacktown Showground Community Garden
      • Lalor Park Community Garden
    • If you know of a community garden please send us an email and we will share it with our community



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