Hardwood Pegs

Hardwood pegs are usually used to hold Treated Pine Sleepers in place for small garden beds or sandboxes. They are easy to install which means anyone can set up something within minutes of measuring out the area. Hardwood Pegs are weather resistant and reliable to stay in the same state without rot and can last longer then bamboo stakes.

Quick Facts:

What is Hardwood Pegs made from:
  • Hardwood timber
What colour are Hardwood Pegs:


How do we sell Hardwood Pegs:

You can buy Hardwood Pegs in packs of 12 in these sizes

  • 12″ 50x50mm
  • 18″ 50x50mm
  • 24″ 37x37mm

We also sell Wooden Pegs as single units

Height (inches)Width x LengthSingles sold
12″50mm x 50mm
18″50mm x 50mmyes
24″37mm x 37mmyes

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