Post Hole Mix

Not sure how much sand and gravel you need in a concrete mix? Not a problem, Post Hole Mix is a pre-mix product with the correct amount of sand to gravel (or metal) ratio. With this mix all you need to do is add the cement (which we also stock Blue Circle Cement) and water and it’s ready to be poured. The sand used in this mix is Coarse Washed Riversand and the Gravel is Blue Metal 10mm if you want to buy them separately.

Quick Facts:

What is Post Hole Mix made from:
  • Coarse Washed River Sand
  • Blue Metal 10mm
What colour is Post Hole Mix:

Light brown

How do we sell Post Hole Mix:

You can buy Post Hole Mix in bulk, starting from one quarter, half, three quarters and 1 or more tonne loads


you can buy Post Hole Mix in 20kg bags

Sold by
Bag (20kg)Tonne
3/4 of a tonne1/2 of a tonne
1/4 of a tonne

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