Crushed Cream Gravel

Crushed Cream Gravel is the cheaper alternative to the white pebbles, this product consists of 20mm stones that have been chipped off the main vein and crushed. They can vary in colour form white-cream to a deep grey. Because they are haven’t been tumbled by rivers like the other pebbles they can have sharper edges so we don’t recommend using this type of pebble between pavers or as a footpath because they can hurt your feet. Crushed Cream Gravel does look amazing in garden beds and as a feature area because of the colour contrast that it creates, strong whites against deep greens.

Quick Facts:

What is Crushed Cream Gravel made from:
  • Machine crushed irregular rock fragments
What colour is Crushed Cream Gravel:

White-cream to grey

How do we sell Crushed Cream Gravel:

You can buy Crushed Cream Gravel in bulk, starting from one quarter, half, three quarters and 1 or more tonne loads


you can buy Crushed Cream Gravel in 20kg bags

Sold by
Bag (20kg)Tonne
3/4 of a tonne1/2 of a tonne
1/4 of a tonne

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