Planter Box Mix

A very open mix of Composted Bark Fines and Coarse Sand made for use in the nursery industry. Ideal for plants that don’t like being too wet.Regular application of liquid fertilizer (eg Fish Emulsion) as well as the use of slow release pellets will ensure the plants will thrive.

Quick Facts:

What is Planter Box Mix made from:
  • Soil
  • Composted Bark bits
  • Coarse Washed River Sand
What colour is Planter Box Mix:

Light brown

How do we sell Planter Box Mix:

You can buy Planter Box Mix in bulk, starting from one quarter, half, three quarters and 1 or more tonne loads

Sold by
Bag (20kg)Tonne
3/4 of a tonne1/2 of a tonne
1/4 of a tonne

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