Special Blend Turf Underlay

Like the basic version Turf Underlay, Special Blend Turf Underlay is a Down to Earth Special combination of Turf Underlay, Washed Ash and Chicken Manure to give any type of grass like Sir Walter Buffalo or Ky a kick start to grow.

This blend is high in organic matter which will provide your lawn with its needed food to help its early stages of growth. BE AWARE this should only be used as an underlay, under your lawn as putting this mixture on top of your grass will kill it, the high pH levels are too much for the blades and will burn them.

Quick Facts:

What is Special Blend Turf Underlay made from:
  • Screened soil
  • Fine Wash River Sand
  • Washed Ash
  • Chicken Manure
What colour is Special Blend Turf Underlay:

Dark brown

How do we sell Special Blend Turf Underlay:

You can buy Special Blend Turf Underlay in bulk, starting from one quarter, half, three quarters and 1 or more tonne loads


you can buy Special Blend Turf Underlay in 20kg bags

Sold by
Bag (20kg)Tonne
3/4 of a tonne1/2 of a tonne
1/4 of a tonne

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