Treated Pine Slabs

Treated Pine Slabs are the opposite shape to the Treated Pone Winged Splits, they have fat rounded edges and a flat top and bottom. Like the Winged Splits they are treated with the H4 treatment which prevents decay, deters insects and can be used above and below the ground. Unlike the others the thickness of Treated Pine Slabs and the shape makes it a great product for garden bed walls as it can be used for both the post and slats.

Quick Facts:

What is Treated Pine Slabs made from:
  • Loam soil
  • Fine Washed River Sand
  • Bark fines
  • Chicken Manure
What colour is Treated Pine Slabs:

Dark Brown

How do we sell Treated Pine Slabs:

You can buy Treated Pine Slabs in these dimensions:


  • 1.8m
  • 2.4m
  • 3m


  • 100mm
  • 125mm
125mm1.8m 2.4m3m

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