Treated Pine Winged Splits

Treated Pine Winged Splits are a great why to bring in some style into garden beds or retaining walls. Their unique shape which is a cross between a Half Round and a Sleeper, having one rounded face but the square sides to make it easy to work with. Common uses for the Treated Pine Winged Splits are timber walls around the yard. Because they are treated with H4 ( a family safe sealer) they are perfect for the outdoors above and below ground plus this treatment repels insects such as termites.

Quick Facts:

What is Treated Pine Winged Splits made from:
  • Pine Timber that has been treated with H4

What colour is Treated Pine Winged Splits:

Light brown

How do we sell Treated Pine Winged Splits:

You can buy Treated Pine Winged Splits in these dimentions:


  • 1.8m
  • 2.4m
  • 3m


  • 100mm


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